Steel Pre-Engineered Building

We Manufacture Steel Pre-Engineered Buildings

Steel Pre-Engineered Building

Pre-engineered steel buildings (PEB) are an economical alternative to conventional construction. These pre-fabricated buildings are structurally complete, requiring only minor finishing work. They are usually erected in less than half the time required for traditional construction.

The use of steel and concrete in the design provides a sturdy building that will last many years. The buildings can be designed to your specifications and requirements. Pre-engineered steel buildings have a variety of applications: industrial, commercial and agricultural. Their ease of assembly makes them ideal for remote sites or locations not accessible by heavy equipment. Pre-engineered steel buildings can be assembled on almost any flat surface – even marshy ground!

Lands Rover Engineers is a leading manufacturer of pre-engineered steel building (PEB) in India, we offer a wide range of PEB from small to large size depending on customer’s requirement PEB is a cost-effective solution for space need. Steel building has corrugated iron roofing sheets with galvanized ceiling joist suitable for heavy-duty structures for storage purposes, godowns, sheds, factories, cold storage plants etc.

We are backed by an experienced team of professionals who are committed to delivering quality product solutions and services. Our team comprises manufacturing engineers, welders, fabricators and other professionals who work together as a team to ensure that products are delivered to meet all functional as well as aesthetic requirements. We also have a strong vendor base for raw materials for construction that supports us in meeting our delivery commitments on time.
Pre-engineered buildings are also known as portable or modular buildings.

They provide a number of benefits over traditional onsite construction projects:

  • They can be installed in just a few weeks or months rather than the years it might take to build an onsite facility.
  • They cost less because they are built in a factory and can be transported in pieces, rather than needing expensive machinery to move them once they’re built.
  • They offer greater flexibility because they can be assembled in many different ways to suit your needs.
  • They offer greater security since they can be locked down to prevent vandalism or theft during non-business hours or when no one is there.
  • Truck transportation costs are lower for pre-engineered buildings because they weigh less than traditional onsite construction projects.
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