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Capsule Lift

We are a leading company in the market that is into offering Capsule Lifts. Our products have been appreciated by customers from all over the world for their durability and high-quality standards. The capsule lift is a revolutionary lift that is used to elevate the elevator cars in a vertical direction. It is an effective and useful device that helps people to reach the higher floors of a building with ease.

Capsule Lift is an ideal solution for places where space constraint is a problem. They are used in areas where a large lift size is not a feasible option. These are used in hospitals, small and medium level office buildings, hotels and many more. These lift systems can be customized as per the requirements of the client. Capsule lifts do not require much space so they can be installed in any small area of the building without any hassle.

The best part about capsule lifts is that they are easy to maintain and repair as well. They can be handled by professionals or even by clients without any difficulty. These lifts are available in a variety of designs and patterns which make them look very attractive. We have a dedicated team of professionals who provide services in this segment and offer high-quality lifts to our customers. The material used for manufacturing these lifts is tested on various parameters to ensure their durability and quality standards. These lifts are also cost-effective as compared to other lifts available in the market. Our capsules are perfect for use in hotels, offices and hospitals because they provide an upscale ambience to these places.

Advantages of Capsule Lifts:

1) Easy to install and easy operation

2) No need for big space; it can be installed anywhere

3) The passenger can enjoy panoramic view from any floor

4) It is very economical and eco-friendly as there is no need for a motor to operate and it does not require electricity to power it up

5) These capsule lifts are very safe and reliable; there is no fear of accidents occurring due to human error as these lifts do not require any human intervention whatsoever.

Max Load Cabin Finish Usage Power Source
10 -12 Persons
Stainless Steel & Glass
Hospitals, Malls, etc