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Industrial Goods Lift

The Industrial Goods Lifts are used for transporting goods and materials from one floor to another floor. These lifts are very helpful in the distribution of goods in different departments of various shops and offices. The Hydraulic Goods Lift has good reliability and efficiency. The range of these lifts covers from 1 Ton to 100 Ton. The hydraulic lift is an essential part of your warehouse, shopping mall, hospital, etc. The hydraulic lift provides you with more benefits in comparison to the traditional elevator. It is simple to use and requires less maintenance cost as compared to the traditional elevator.

Traction type hydraulic elevators have almost zero power consumption rates so it makes them very efficient in terms of power consumption as well as money-saving too. These lifts can be installed easily without any hassle and can be used for a variety of applications such as hospitals, shopping malls, warehouses, educational institutes, etc. The other advantages of these lifts are that they do not make noise while operating which makes them perfect for being used in educational institutes or hospitals where silence is considered important.

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Usage/Application Surface Treatment Material Operating Height
Color Coated
Steel / Stainless Steel
10 Feet